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Crafti-Kit - DIY Handmade Kits - with full step by step instructions!

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Fragrance oil of the month

Lemon Zest - 10% off

Lemon Zest Fragrance is similar to Lemon Fragrance oil with a greater citrus punch to it. This fragrance strikes the senses with its bright and tangy top notes, capturing the essence of the outermost layer of a lemon's peel.  The fragrance profile is often used to add a zingy, bright and happy element to any product. A popular choice for making invigorating spa products and delightful candles. 

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MONTHLY Promotion

Buy 1 Frankincense Essential Oil get 1 Sweet Orange Essential Oil free!

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Fragrance oils for candle making, perfume, aromatherapy, wax melts, and more.

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Essential oils for candle making, perfume, aromatherapy, wax melts, and more.

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Start your crafting journey with us : Candles, Soap, Resin, Kits and more!

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We only source from trusted and tested suppliers to ensure that you can craft without worry.

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We are meticulous in the safety standards of our ingredients. We never compromise on the purity and quality of our sourced ingredients and material.

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Craftiviti ships globally. Special rates available for US, UK, AU, SG, and BN

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Craftiviti was established in 2015! ( we are sharing all our learnings with our Craftizen community! )

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We hope to be with you and build our partnership for the long term. ( check out our discounts structure that rewards you as you grow with us! )

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Waxes for candle, perfume, aromatherapy and more.

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Oils for craft, perfumery, skincare, woodworking, and others.

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Aromatherapy diffusers, containers, diffuser bases and raw materials.

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Our range of soap bases for your soap making needs

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Create your unique experience with us

Let's Collaborate!

Custom projects, event giveaways, personalized gifts, collaborations and more, our project team is always ready to work together with you! Reach out with details on your requirement below.

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A therapeutic mini adventure in Bandar Utama


Choose from 10 different experiences ; soap making, resin coasters, bath bombs, wax candle making and so many more. Click here to explore and book you session at our Centerpoint Bandar Utama Outlet!

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Large or small, at our place or yours

Custom Workshops

Let us help you organize custom workshops for children, employees, team members, events and brand launches! We are able to mobilize to your location or host you at our experience center.

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New launches, collections and more!

New Arrivals!

Browse the latest additions to our store.

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Epoxy resin crafting - raw materials, tools, moulds, colors and more!

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Our range of crafting tools for all crafting needs

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Aromatherapy stone making - all you need to make you own aromatherapy diffuser

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Candle Making

All the raw materials you’ll need to make your own candles at... 

Fragrance Oils

Explore our collection of fragrance oils that can be used for candle making,... 

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Craftiviti helps makers source quality ingredients, raw material and knowledge on crafting candles, soaps, natural remedies and so much more. We work hard to bring you only the best materials. Every product we carry is verified, validated and tested by our co-founder and certified cosmetic chemist / aromatherapist - Yein. All raw materials come from reputable sources and all organic claims have been verified. We constantly curate for better materials, ingredients and methods so you can craft with your mind at ease.

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