How To Make Resin Art

For Beginners

Quick Instructions

1. Measure Resin & Hardener

2. Mix Well

3. Color

4. Pour Into Mold

5. Decorate

6. Set

Benefits of Handmaking Resin Art

Therapeutic Craft

Relief stress by using resin as a creative outlet to create abstract works of arts.

Durable & Decorative Gifts

Create long-lasting and memorable gifts for your family and friends.

Multiple Usage

Resin can be used to make custom soap dishes and candle holders, coasters, jewelry pieces & more.

Basic Ingredients

Craftiviti epoxy resins are non-toxic, fumeless and tend to be stronger and more transparent than other resins.

Tip : Use a well-ventilated space when working with resin.

Color : Mica Powder

Superfine mica powder for a shimmery, metallic look to your resin art.

Tip : Mica powder shines best in clear epoxy resin, and will look dull in opaque resins.

Decorations : Dried Flowers

Embed dried flowers in your resin to give them a natural look.

Tip : Seal dried flowers, candy sprinkles, etc., with a spray sealer to prevent discoloration.

Decorations : Gold Leaf

Create an eye catching display with some gold leaves.

Tip : Leave some resin in your pour cup. You can use it as a reference to see how your project is curing without disturbing your project.


A variety of resin silicone molds to choose from.

Tip : Use a heat gun to remove air bubbles in your resin.

Resin Tools

An assortment of handy dandy tools to help you with resin art making.

Tip : Instead of using plastic mixing cups that have to be thrown out after use, use silicone mixing cups instead. Just let the leftover resin cure, remove it and reuse the cups.


We've included a bonus ingredient or tool for more handmaking fun.


Our ingredients and tools are sourced from reputable suppliers around the world.


Each box comes with easy to follow step-by-step guidance.