How To Make Wax Sachets

For Beginners

Quick Instructions

1. Measure Wax

2. Melt Wax

3. Scent & Color

4. Pour Into Mold

5. Decorate

6. Set & Unmold

Benefits of Handmaking Wax Sachet

Decorative Gifts

Scented wax sachets are a charming gift for housewarmings or to say thank you.

Natural & Chemical Free

Most store-bought air fresheners contain hormone-disrupting phthalates and carcinogenic chemicals. Natural wax sachet can be scented with theraputic essential oils.

Multiple Usage

Wax sachets are perfect to fragrance closets, drawers and other small spaces.

Basic Ingredients

Natural pillar soy wax is recommended for a smooth texture, while palm wax will give a frosted texture and beeswax a gritty texture.

Tip : If you’re making plain wax sachets, you can use an amount of wax equal to the maximum of the silicone mold. Use less wax if you plan on adding decorative dried flowers.


Candle dyes can be used to color your waxes.

Tip : To determine the color intensity of a color, test with a smaller mold first.

Scent : Essential Oils

Essential oils lend the wax sachets a rich, natural and therapeutic scent.

Tip : You can add up to 10% of Essential Oils to the weight of your wax.

Scent : Fragrance Oil

UK imported fragrance oils to scent your wax sachets.

Tip : Depending on your nature of use, a wax sachet's scent can last between 1-3 months. You can always top up the scent by dripping fragrance oils directly on the wax.

Decorations : Dried Botanicals

Capture the beauty of nature by embedding dried botanicals in your wax sachets.

Tip : Wait until the wax slightly cool and turns cloudy before placing dried flowers as decoration.


A variety of wax sachet silicone molds to choose from.

Tip : To avoid the wax from breaking apart, use firm hands and gentle pressure to pull back the mold during demolding.

Wax Sachet Tools

An assortment of handy dandy tools to help you with wax sachet art.

Tip : Scented wax sachets are perfect to fragrance closets, drawers and other small spaces.


We've included a bonus ingredient or tool for more handmaking fun.


Our ingredients and tools are sourced from reputable suppliers around the world.


Each box comes with easy to follow step-by-step guidance.