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What are Crafti-Points?

Crafti-Points are redeemable points for future purchases with Craftiviti. They cannot be exchanged for cash and can only be earned by members.


How do I earn Crafti-Points?
You can earn Crafti-Points by completing actions listed:

  • Create Account - 50 Crafti-Points
  • Complete Profile - 100 Crafti-Points
  • Birthday Rewards - 100 Crafti-Points
  • Refer a Friend - 150 Crafti-Points
  • Leave Review - 5 to 15 Crafti-Points
  • Place Order - 2 Crafti-Points for every RM6
  • Follow on Instagram - 20 Crafti-Points
  • Facebook Share - 50 Crafti-Points
  • 10 Placed Orders - 100 Crafti-Points
  • Buy Any Crafti-Kit - 150 Crafti-Points
  • Tell Your Friends - 50 Crafti-Points
  • Subscribe to Newsletter - 50 Crafti-Points

To view the above list, you can also click on “Rewards” tab to see the list of activities available for you to take part.


Do I earn Crafti-Points when I shop online from your website and in your retail store?
Yes, you do! Just log into your account when you're purchasing from our website ( and you will earn Crafti-Points when your place orders. When shopping at our retail store, just share your email address with the cashier and your purchase and earned Crafti-Points will be recorded on your Craftiviti account.


Will I get Crafti-Points immediately after making a purchase?
Yes, you will. The amount of Crafti-Points earned after making a purchase will be immediately reflected in your Craftiviti account. You can view the amount by clicking on the dark blue "Crafti-Points" button at the left of the website.



How do I know how many Crafti-Points have I collected?
You can view the amount of Crafti-Points collected by logging in to your Craftiviti account and clicking on the dark blue "Crafti-Points" button at the left of the website.



How can I spend my Crafti-Points?
Click on “Rewards” tab to see the list of all discounts you can redeem your Crafti-Points for and enjoy!

You can get...

  • 100 Crafti-Points = RM3 Off
  • 200 Crafti-Points = RM8 Off
  • 500 Crafti-Points = RM20 Off
  • 1000 Crafti-Points = RM50 Off


How does the referral program work?
Share your referral link with your friend and they will get a generated referral code to be used during checkout. Once their order is completed, you will receive your reward for successfully referring a friend :)



I referred a friend, but didn't get my reward.
Your reward will be sent to you after the referred friend has completed a purchase. The link must also be used correctly to ensure that you will get your reward.


My coupon code isn't working.
Please check if you've not used the code before or if it has been keyed in correctly.

Other possible reasons are:

  • the coupon code has expired
  • only one coupon code can be used per order
  • coupon code may be only used once
  • ensure you are logged in to your account


I've met the minimum purchase amount, why does it say the code is not applicable?
The code may have been used before, or it may have been keyed in incorrectly. Please let us know your coupon code and we'll do our best to assist you.


When do Crafti-Points expire?
Crafti-Points expire a year from the date of you receiving it.
For example, if you receive 100 points on 13 July 2021, those 100 points will expire on 13 July 2022.


How do I keep track of my Crafti-Points' expiry?
Log into your account and click on the dark blue "Crafti-Points" button at the left of the website. Next to your Crafti-Points balance, there are two icons. Click on the clock icon beside the question mark icon, and you will see the history of your accumulated Crafti-Points.


Can Crafti-Points be used on Bulk Orders and Promotional Items?
Yes, they can.


Can I use my Crafti-Points in store?
Yes. Just share with the cashier your coupon code and it will be applied to your current purchase.


Why am I not receiving email updates on my Crafti-Points?
The most likely possibility is that the emails are in your junk/spam folder. Please check and mark our emails as 'Not Spam' so you'll start receiving our emails into your inbox.

To view your Crafti-Points, click here.