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Crafti-Kit - Scented Slime Making Kit

Crafti-Kit - Scented Slime Making Kit

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This Crafti-Kit has all the ingredients needed to make slime. This guided kit is a great activity for kids and adults too!


Scented Slime Making Kit contains:

  1. Slime Activator
  2. Fragrance Oil
  3. Color
  4. Clear Glue
  5. Preservative
  6. Wooden Stirrer
  7. Recipe Card
  8. Video Demo

    This kit contains ingredients to make 1 blob of slime.

    Duration - 15 minutes

    Why Pick Crafti-Kit - Scented Slime Making Kit?

    1. Enjoy this super fun and therapeutic activity with kids and adults.
    2. Contains complete Step-by-step guidance through detailed recipe card and video demo.
    3. Craftiviti's Fragrance Oil have long-lasting scents and will make sure your slime remain smelling amazing as time passes. They are phthalate-free and skin-friendly.
    4. Contains a Natural Preservative to protect slime against bacteria and mold
    5. Craftiviti's Colors are stable, non-toxic and helps you achieve beautifully vibrant colors for your slime.


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