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Mini Crafti-Kit - Pet Furever Resin Making Kit

Mini Crafti-Kit - Pet Furever Resin Making Kit

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Sometimes we just want to keep a tiny memorabilia close to our heart.

Maybe from fur kids who have left us.

Or maybe it's for a loved one who has moved away but misses their furfriend.

Or even just someone who is obsessed with keeping their furkid very very close at all times.

Whatever the reason, these charms will provide a guaranteed soothing effect. 

So instead of throwing away all that fur or feathers that have fallen off, this is a project any pet lover would appreciate.

To retrieve the fur, we suggest not plucking or yanking it from the poor creature. Snipping the fur may also leave an unsightly bald patch. 

We recommend retrieving the fur from their brush or speak to your groomer to keep some hair for you. 

For those of a more unusual flair, you can also encase odd objects like nail clippings, bone or teeth (we don't judge). Just make sure everything is completely dry.

Crafti-Kit - Pet Furever Resin Making Kit has all the ingredients needed to make two pet fur keepsake charms:

1) A magnet

2) A pin

All ingredients are handpicked and tested by to be safe, non-toxic and fumes-free.

Don't worry if you have never worked with resin before. Kids as young as 5yrs old have done this. 

Just read the instruction card and watch the video inside and you are on your way to making a memory last a lifetime!

Pet Furever Resin Making Kit contains:

  1. Epoxy Resin
  2. Epoxy Hardener
  3. Silicone Mold
  4. Wood stirrer
  5. Gloves
  6. Mini Mixing cup
  7. Tweezer
  8. Magnet x 1
  9. Pin x 1
  10. Pet fur not included

    This kit contains materials to make 1 Pet Fur Resin Magnet and 1 Pet Fur Resin Pin. They are the ideal accompaniment for your fridge, cupboard or tote bag.

    Working duration - 15 to 20 minutes

    Hardening duration - 8 hours

    Why Pick Mini Crafti-Kit - Pet Furever Resin Making Kit?

    1. It's the first of its kind in Malaysia, brought to you by people who play with resin daily.
    2. This is a beautiful way to keep your fur baby close to your heart.
    3. Contains complete Step-by-step guidance through detailed recipe card and video demo.
    4. You will be working with non-toxic, odor-free resin so it is safe to do this indoors.
    5. The resin comes out super clear which also means your pet fur can be seen clearly too.
    6. You can also use this kit to encase locks of hair or something that is small enough to fit into the mold to be encased forever. 


    Pet Fur Color

    - White fur creates an opaque resin look

    - Black, Orange, Gold and Grey stands out wonderfully

    - Calico colors give a vibrant mix to it

    - You can also blend mother and baby's hair locks together forever too

    * When exposed to UV rays or sunlight, the resin will turn yellow overtime but the fur will still be protected and encased within forever. 


    [We dedicate the Pet Furever Resin Making Kit to the memory Bintik who left us before we could launch this. Now we have you near FurEver]


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