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    Facial Mask

    Witch Hazel

    RM25.00 – RM98.00

    An alcohol-free liquid extract with astringent properties, Craftiviti's Witch Hazel (Unscented) can be used directly on the skin or used as an ingredient in lotions, facial mists, spritzers, cleansers, toners...


    Organic French Pink Clay (Rose) - 100g


    Also known as Pink Kaolin Clay, Organic French Pink Clay (Rose) is another popular mineral clay used in skincare and personal care.  It is popular in face masks for its pretty rose...


    White Kaolin Clay (USA)

    RM18.00 – RM70.80

    Also known as White Cosmetic Clay, Kaolin Clay is often used in the making of soaps, scrubs, deodorant, facial masks and hair masks.  It is one of the finest and...


    Organic Cane Sugar Scrub (Paraguay) - 1kg


    A natural humectant and exfoliant, Craftiviti's Organic Cane Sugar Scrub is gentle to the skin and doesn't clog pores. This product is ideal for those with sensitive  or thin skin,...


    Organic Rose Powder - 100g


    Certified Organic by Controls Union Certification (India) in accordance to National Organic Program, Craftiviti's Organic Rose Powder is an incredibly popular ingredient in personal care products. It made from the...


    Activated Charcoal / Carbon - 100g


    Produced from coal made with plant-based materials like coconuts, nutshells, and wood, Craftiviti's Activated Charcoal (also known as activated carbon) has oxygen added to it to increase its porosity. The...


    Organic French Green Clay


      One of the most commonly used mineral clays for skincare and personal care, Organic French Green Clay is also known as Sea Clay or Illite Clay. This greenish grey clay...


    Bentonite Clay (USA)

    RM13.70 – RM84.90

    100% natural super-fine clay made of aged volcanic ash, Bentonite Clay is also called Montmorillonite or Sodium Bentonite. This clay is one of the most effective and powerful healing clays.  Bentonite Clay...


    Beetroot Powder - 100g


    Rich in anti-aging properties, Craftiviti's Beetroot Powder is normally used to naturally colour scrubs, lotions, soaps and bath bombs. It is also believed to help regenerate new skin cells, fight...


    ***CLEARANCE*** Organic Aloe Vera Powder - 100g


    Certified Organic by Controls Union Certification (India) in accordance to National Organic Program, Craftiviti's Organic Aloe Vera Powder has wonderful anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, making it the perfect remedy for...


    French Red Clay - 100g (France)


    Rich in Kaolinite, Illite, Montmorillonite, and Calcite, French Red Clay is made from superfine red clay powder with high benefits to the skin. It lends its brilliant redness from Hematite Iron and...


    Arrowroot Powder - 100g


    Craftiviti's Arrowroot Powder is a natural powdered root starch that is white in color and very light in weight. It is popularly used in dusting powders, compact powders, blushers, eyeshadows,...


    Dead Sea Clay - 100g


    Dead Sea Clay is mined in a saltwater lake in the Middle East. Dead Sea mud is mostly famous for its unusually high concentrations of minerals like magnesium, sodium, and...


    ***CLEARANCE*** Tangerine Peel Powder - 100g


    A variant of Mandarin oranges that is also packed with vitamins, Craftiviti's Tangerine Peel Powder is used in personal care formulations to help lighten scars and prevent acne breakouts.  ...


    Chamomile Roman Powder - 100g


    A very popular plant in personal care, Craftiviti's Chamomile Powder is known for it's soothing and relaxing properties. It is also excellent for conditions like dry skin, eczema and psoriasis because of its ability to...


    Calendula Powder - 100g


    Made from dried and ground Calendula (also known as pot marigold) flowers, Craftiviti's Calendula Powder is used in the making of calendula soaps, oils, lotions, salves, and creams.FACTS ON OUR CALENDULA...


    Gromwell Root Powder - 100g


    With an extensive traditional medicine history that includes providing multiple skin benefits and usage as treatment for various skin conditions, Gromwell Root Powder is a herbaceous plant with potent medicinal properties.  ...


    Green Tea Powder - 100g


    A superstar ingredient for personal care formulations, Craftiviti's Green Tea Powder is known for its powerful antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it's richness in vitamins B2 and E, and it's...


    Walnut Scrub - 100g


    A natural exfoliant that helps scrub away impurities on the skin, Craftiviti's Walnut Scrub is suitable for formulations targeted at non-sensitive skins. It can be added to soaps, hand washes,...


    Lavender Powder - 100g


    For centuries lavender has been applied to skin to treat various conditions. Craftiviti's Lavender Powder is known for it's ability to help you to achieve a calm state and sleep...


    Ground Coffee Scrub Base - 250g


    100% natural and deliciously aromatic, Craftiviti's Ground Coffee Powder can be used in the making of personal care products like scrubs, bath bombs and soap making.FACTS ON GROUND COFFEE POWDER INCI...


    Organic Rhassoul Clay - 100g (Morocco)


    Organic Rhassoul Clay or Moroccan Lava Clay is a high-quality soothing clay that is rich in magnesium silica, potassium, and calcium to help nourish your skin.  The molecular structure of Rhassoul clay...


    Organic Neem Powder - 100g


    Certified Organic by Controls Union Certification (India) in accordance to National Organic Program, Craftiviti's Organic Neem Powder is a powder that can cleanse and detoxify. It is also known to...


    Organic Longan Honey - 100g


    Craftiviti's Organic Longan Honey is harvested from bees within a Longan orchard and does not contain any added sugars and chemicals. This honey has powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It...


    Sandalwood Powder - 50g


    An amazingly potent skincare ingredient that helps exfoliate and replenish skin elasticity, Craftiviti's Sandalwood Powder is also known as the 'Aromatic Therapy' for your skin due to its subtle woody...


    Zeolite Clay - 100g (Morocco)


    One of the most powerful cleansing clays. This clay has minerals that gives off negatively charged ions which helps neutralize toxins. It is also rich in silicon, calcium, potassium and...


    Jojoba Beads (20/40 Mesh) – 50g (USA)


    Jojoba Beads (hydrogenated jojoba oil), are 100% natural and biodegradable exfoliants used throughout the personal care and handcrafted soap industry. They are the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic exfoliants. Jojoba Beads of...


    Organic Strawberry Powder - 100g


    Certified Organic by Controls Union Certification (India) in accordance to National Organic Program, Craftiviti's Organic Strawberry Powder is used in many personal care products. It is a delicious treat to...

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