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    ***[CLEARANCE]*** Additive for Soy Wax Candles - 500g (Limited Stocks)


    CLEARANCE STOCK - While Stocks Last! Craftiviti's Additive for Soy Wax Candle Making is a useful addition to any soy wax candle maker. This may help stabilise your formulation, reduce cost...


    Citric Acid Anhydrous - 1kg


    Citric Acid Anhydrous is used to make bath bombs and adds sparkle to bathe salts. Made from natural fruits like lemons and other citruses Used to adjust the pH in final formulations...


    Denatured Ethyl Alcohol / Ethanol

    RM8.00 – RM24.00

    Used to carry fragrance oils, Denatured Ethyl Alcohol/Ethanol is a primary ingredient for perfumery and liquid diffusers. This liquid evaporates quickly when warmed by skin temperature, releasing fragrances evenly over...


    Pink Scrubbing Salt - 500g


    Packed with a multitude of trace minerals, Craftiviti's Pink Scrubbing Salt comes in fine grains and is of a lovely rose pink color. It'll exfoliate away dead skin cells while...


    Refined Glycerin USP 99.5%

    RM6.00 – RM18.00

    Cosmetic grade and vegetable based, Craftiviti's Refined Glycerin (USP 99.5%) is a viscous, colourless and odourless liquid sugar-alcohol compound. It is found in many personal care formulations like soaps, toners, lotions...


    Menthol Crystals - 100g


    Introducing Craftiviti's Menthol Crystals that are made from peppermint oils. It is an active ingredient in making homemade vapor rub. This ingredient is added to soap bases or lotions for...


    Polysorbate 20 - 100ml


    Polysorbate-20 (Tween 20) is a non-ionic surfactant and solubilizer. Helps blend fragrance or essential oils (lighter oils) in water. Also soothing to the skin Used in formulations with less than...


    CP Lotion Maker

    RM41.50 – RM225.00

    Introducing Craftiviti's CP Lotion Maker that is a cold process lotion formulator. It helps to emulsify and blend oil with water. Used in oil-in-water formulations. FACTS ON OUR CP LOTION...


    Polysorbate 80 - 100ml


    Also known as Tween 80, Polysorbate-80 is a non-ionic surfactant, emulsifier and solubilizer. Used in formulations to mix larger amounts of oil with water without any separations. Polysorbate-80 is stable...


    Lavender Hydrosol (Floral Water)

    RM22.00 – RM90.00

    Craftiviti's Lavender Hydrosol is a gentle and soothing floral water that is rich in the skin-loving properties of Lavender. They have similar therapeutic properties to essential oils, though these aromatic...


    Chamomile Roman Hydrosol (Floral Water) - 100ml


    A gentle floral water distilled from Roman Chamomile. This skin-healing ingredient is mild and gentle for making lotions, facial mists, spritzers, cleansers, toners and soaps. Can be used directly on the...


    Emulsifying Wax

    RM25.00 – RM60.00

    Introducing Craftiviti's Emulsifying Wax (National Formulary) that is a non-ionic self-emulsifying wax created to emulsify or bond water and oils together. This is one of the easiest emulsifiers to use...


    Xanthan Gum - 150g


    Xanthan Gum is a natural thickener (polysaccharide) derived through fermentation from glucose or sucrose (sugars). Used to add viscosity and texture to skincare products such as lotion, hair gel, liquid soap,...


    Pine Rosin - 100g


    Pine Rosin is a natural resin extracted from from Pinus massoniana pine trees; a species of pine, native to Taiwan, and a wide area of central and southern China, including Hong Kong, and...


    ***[CLEARANCE]***L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - 100g


    Expiry Sept 2021 Introducing Craftiviti's Vitamin C L-Ascorbic Acid powder that is used in the formulation of skincare products, lotions, serum, toner and more. This vitamin is very rich in...


    Ecocert Preservative - Tea Tree Extract (Broad Spectrum)

    RM31.50 – RM59.50

    Ecocert Preservative - Tea Tree Oil Extract contains a highly concentrated form of terpinen-4-0l (96%) which is an active ingredient present in tea tree (melaleuca alternifola) oil. Terpinen-4-0l is derived...


    Organic Longan Honey - 100g


    Craftiviti's Organic Longan Honey is harvested from bees within a Longan orchard and does not contain any added sugars and chemicals. This honey has powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It...


    Triple Pressed Stearic Acid

    RM17.00 – RM28.30

    Craftiviti's Triple Pressed Stearic Acid is the highest quality and purest form of stearic acid grade.  This versatile wax is a useful additive for making candles, soaps, lotions and cosmetics.   Benefits in lotion...


    Olivem 1000 - Natural Olive-Derived Emulsifier

    RM32.00 – RM100.00

    Derived from natural olive chemistry and is chemically similar to the hydrolipid film of the skin, Natural Olive Emulsifying Wax (Olivem® 1000) is a PEG-free naturally derived Cold Process emulsifier...


    Guar Gum - 100g


    Guar Gum is derived from Cluster bean or Siam bean and is a popular thickener, emulsifier and stabilizer in cosmetic formulations. Some recipes use Guar gum and Xanthan gum together to...


    Magnesium Flakes - 100g


    Also known as nature's anti-stress mineral, Craftiviti's Magnesium Flakes is made of 100% Pure Magnesium Chloride. It can be used in your DIY herbal compresses, mud packs, bath salts, bath bombs, foot...


    UV Inhibitor


    UV Inhibitor provides a full-spectrum colour protector for candles. This additives prevent colours from fading due to UV light from sunlight or indoor lighting. UV Inhibitor also keeps candle colours...


    Zinc Oxide

    RM9.40 – RM42.50

    Introducing Craftiviti's Zinc Oxide which is a white, powdery mineral that is used in sunscreen lotions. Zinc Oxide is an inorganic oxide used as a colourant and sunscreen agent. Zinc...


    Carrageenan Gum - 100g


    Introducing Craftiviti's Carrageenan Gum, a natural thickener and an emulsifier extracted from red seaweed (Chondrus crispus). Carrageenan Gum helps improve product texture and helps water-based and oil-based ingredients mix better....


    Vanilla White Soap Colour Stabilizer

    RM20.00 – RM55.00

    Introducing, Vanilla White Soap Color Stabilizer a fragrance technology designed to be added to water-based products to help protect your end products against oxidization and browning.  FACTS ABOUT OUR VANILLA WHITE SOAP COLOR STABILIZER Form: Liquid Color: White hazy liquid Ingredient: Fragrance...

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