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Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber + Catalyst

Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber + Catalyst

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Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber + Catalyst

Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber + Catalyst

Making your own flexible and sustainable molds is easier and faster than ever with Craftiviti Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber!

RTV stands for Room Temperature Vulcanizing which means the silicone will cure at room temperature so our Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber doesn't require any additional heat to cure.

The silicone rubber will cure and become a strong and flexible rubber which is tear-resistant and good for multiple uses.

Molds made with our Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber are suitable for casting using liquid plastic, epoxy resin, concrete, soaps, candles and more.

Each Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber comes with Hardener (Catalyst).

Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber Material Safety Data Sheet
Mold Maker RTV Silicone Curing Agent Material Safety Data Sheet

CAUTION - Do not use this product with Sulfur-based Clays

Use Sulfur-free clays when working with RTV. Any clays or master objects containing Sulfur will stop the  RTV from hardening. 

Clays such as paper clays, Plasticine contain sulfur and cannot be used with RTV Mold Maker.  

Compatible clays : Alumilite Modelling Clay / Sulfur-free clay

Origin = Italy
Base viscosity = 24000 cP
Density = 1.18 g/cc
Strength resistance = 3/Nmm2
Hardness after 72h = 21± 2 shA
Tear resistance = 17/Nmm
Elongation at break = 400%
Pot life = 20 minutes
Fully cure time = 12 hours
Cured mold color = White

Made in Italy


  1. Stir Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber.
  2. Pour desired amount into a mixing cup.
  3. Shake the hardener bottle.
  4. Drip 3% of hardener to the total weight of RTV Silicone.
  5. Stir the mixture very well to ensure even mix of hardener and Silicone Rubber.
  6. Set your master object in a box or frame.
  7. Spray master object with Sulfur-free Silicone Mold Release Agent.
  8. Pour mixture slowly over master object to avoid bubbles.
  9. Depending on size, the silicone will set within 2 to 8 hours.

*Please note that the stirring and measurement of this silicone rubber must be precise. Read product warranty below*


  • 3% of hardener provides a more fluid mix with a longer work time.
  • 4% hardener will harden faster with a shorter work time.
  • When using any clay or release agents, please ensure the items contain NO SULPHUR as Sulphur will inhibit the curing of the silicone rubber.

For 2 part silicone-to-silicone molds, you will need to apply a generous layer of mold release agent otherwise the mold will not separate.

Cured Silicone Rubber can withstand casting heat of up to 100 °C.

There is no warranty for this product and it is up to the end user to determine the suitability and the end result.

Please read the instructions above clearly before starting.

Always conduct a small scale test before attempting on a larger scale.

For bulk orders, kindly email

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