There are many creative ways to use Craftiviti fragrance oils which are skin and candle safe.

Here are 51 ideas you could apply. And if you have more ideas, please do share!

1) Mix with a vegetable oil and dap on your skin for perfume
2) Mix with water for an air freshener spray
3) Add a few drops to where your pet sleeps
4) Drip on silk or fabric flowers 
5) Drip on the seams of curtains

6) Add a few drops on your pillow

7) Wipe some on your cold light bulb to scent a room
8) Keep a cotton ball with fragrance oil under your car seat
9) Add a few drops to your bath water


10) Refresh old potpourri
11) Add some onto your gift package bow
12) Apply to a hanky in your purse
13) Refresh dresser drawer sachets
14) Add to unscented lotion

15) Blend into your massage oil
16) Use on a paper towel and tuck in stored shoes
17) Pour some down a funky smelly drain
18) Add to baking soda as a carpet cleaner
19) Drip along a doorway
20) Add a little on a sunny windowsill

21) Hide some in the linen closet
22) Add to lingerie wash water
23) Make aroma candles
24) Apply to your stationery
25) Under trash can liners
26) Drip onto a love note

27) Freshen a stale basket
28) Use in soap making
29) Add to a wooden necklace
30) Put on a bed headboard
31) Add to a burning candle
32) Add to bath oil

33) Add to stored blankets
34) Use in aroma oil burner
35) Under the collar of a jacket
36) Freshen up your gym bag
37) Blend into your unscented personal care products

38) Add to holiday ornaments
39) Perk up old aroma sachets
40) Put some on a high traffic rug ( under )

41) Breath in during meditation
42) Refresh old sneakers
43) Drip onto floor mats
44) Refresh car air fresheners
45) Put some in a pencil cup to scent pens etc.
46) Add to aroma jewelry

47) Simmer in water on stove top
48) In cornstarch for a scented powder
49) Add into wood chips

50) Drip on a tent when camping
51) Add to dried flowers


New to fragrance oils? We have got over 100 scents to choose from. And if you are unsure what to pick, here are our top sellers!



Pine Cones & Spice



Lemon Zest

 The best part is that with 100 quality fragrances, you get to pick, blend and mix to suit your sense of smell! 


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