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Pine Cones & Spice Fragrance Oil

Pine Cones & Spice Fragrance Oil

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Craftiviti's Pine Cones & Spice Fragrance Oil is concentrated and of synthetic origins. Ideal for candles, soaps making, wax melts, wax sachets, diffusers, body scrubs and more.

  • Origin: Canada
  • Flashpoint: 93°C
  • Scent Summary: Scent of festive joy, spice and sweet memories
  • Notes: Top / Fresh (scents are subjective)
  • T: Fruity, Apple, Berry, Green

    M: Pine needles, Fir needles, Cinnamon, Clove

    B: Warm woods, Pine woods, Sugar cane, Tonka Beans  

  • Size: 30ml / 500ml (For bulk orders, please email

  • Ingredients: A blend of synthetic fragrances with carrier oils and binders.

  • Used solely for the scent and contains no therapeutic benefits.
  • This fragrance may also work for other applications.
  • Certification: IFRA Standard
  • Phthalate-free
  • Intended for external use only. Do NOT consume.

Scent Profile:

Pine Cones & Spice is a very special fragrance oil with layers of complexities.This festive fragrance contains top notes bursting with fruity delights of apple and berries, complemented by a fresh green undertone. The heart unfolds a winter woodland essence with dominant pine and fir needles, enhanced by the warmth of cinnamon and clove spices. Base notes evoke a cozy atmosphere with the comforting blend of warm woods and the enduring aroma of pine woods. This fragrance profile captures the essence of a winter forest, blending juicy fruits, sweet balsam wood, pine resin, and green fir needles entangled with warm holiday spices. 

Our Pine Cones & Spice Fragrance oil is perfect for candle making, soap making, in scrubs and balms, as a diffuser and for all types of aromatherapy!

Pine Cones & Spice Fragrance Oil - 30ml Material Safety Data Sheet

For Soap Making – Add 1% of Fragrance Oil to melted soap base.
*We recommend using essential oils instead for CP soap making as Fragrance Oil can increase trace in CP soap.

For Candle Making – Depending on wax, add 5-12% of Fragrance Oil to melted wax.
*The strength of the scent will change depending on the waxes, dyes and wick used.
*Always do a small test batch to test candle burning results before attempting larger batches.

Other uses
Can be used in the blending of perfumes, aroma products or personal care products such as bath bombs, scrubs, hair wax, etc. Can also be used in an oil burner, diffuser or dripped on potpourri.

For more candle making and soap making ingredients, tools, fragrance oils, essential oils, butters, carrier oils, craft kits and DIY workshops, please visit our Award Winning Experience outlet - Craftiviti.
For bulk orders, kindly email



  • Asal: Canada
  • Takat Kilat: 93 °C
  • Nota aroma: Aroma campuran buah-buahan, kayu balsam manis dan pokok pinus (aroma bersifat subjektif)
  • Saiz: 30ml (Untuk pesanan pukal, sila e-mel ke
  • Kandungan: Gabungan wangian sintetik dengan minyak pembawa dan campuran lain.
  • Digunakan untuk aroma dan tidak mengandungi efek teraputik.
  • Boleh digunakan untuk pelbagai projek kraf yang bersesuaian.
  • Untuk kegunaan luaran sahaja. BUKAN untuk DIMAKAN.


Berdasarkan jumlah berat sabun, tambah 3% -5% Minyak Wangian dalam sabun yang telah cair.
*Sebaiknya gunakan minyak pati untuk sabun CP kerana Minyak Wangian dapat meningkatkan ‘tracing’ sabun CP.


Berdasarkan jumlah berat lilin, tambah 5%-12% Minyak Wangian dalam lilin yang telah cair.
*Kekuatan aroma bergantung pada jumlah lilin, pewarna dan sumbu yang digunakan.
Sentiasa buat ujian pada sampel kecil untuk menguji tahap pembakaran lilin sebelum membuat sampel yang lebih besar.

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