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Perfume Base - 500ml

Perfume Base - 500ml

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A German formula of ready mixed volatile solvent with good solvency for any essential oils, fragrances and aromatics. Contains excellent volatile properties and pleasant unscented base smell to begin formulating your own signature perfume. 

Texture: Oily base with no separation to fragrance oil. The texture is thicker than traditional perfume solvents, this creates slower volatilization and longer lasting fragrance retention time.

Safety: Skin safe and non-flammable German formula

Packaging: Suitable for roll-on perfume bottles or drip perfume. Not suitable for sprays as the base is thick. 

Solubility: Can be mixed with Distilled water or Denatured alcohol at 30% to reduce viscosity depending on your suitability. Initial cloudiness may occur but will return to clarity when mixed with water. 

Spray function: Due to thickness, this perfume base is most suitable for dabbing and roll-on perfumes. However to create spray perfume, you add alcohol or distilled water up to 50% to achieve the light texture needed for sprays. 

Recipe: This non-flammable liquid can be blended with essential oils or fragrance oils at 1% to 5%.

(For skin safety and risk of sensitivities, never use Fragrance or Essential Oils above the recommended usage) 

This formula provides slow release of scents and contains low alcohol odor for optimize aromatic scenting. 

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