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Perfect Pour U.S.A. Soy Wax

Perfect Pour U.S.A. Soy Wax

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Our Perfect Pour Soy Wax (USA) is a breakthrough soy wax blend. We say that because we have broken through a lot of piggy banks with other soy waxes before we found this baby.

While our aim was to create the perfect candle from day one, the path was slippery with many imperfect, faulty, disappointing and often times downright embarrassing results (considering the fact that as Craftiviti, we hail ourselves as a premium raw material supplier). 

So when we did our first test pour for Perfect Pour Soy Wax, the world lit up with the cheers of a million future candles galore!

Our very first pour ended up with a candle surface that was so smooth it was ice rink smooth. 

There were no cracks.

AND no potholes too!

Also... there were no frostings in sight. 

Plus the burn was BEAUTIFUL. 

If you are a first time candle makers, this may all be foreign to you, but You seasoned candle makers will understand what a miracle that is. 

We honestly thought it was maybe...just maybe beginner's luck.

As candle makers we know it can never be THAT easy.


Because candle making is a lot like making dodol. It's temperamental and unpredictable, subject to weather, to moods, and to prayers. 

So how can it be that easy to make the perfect candle?

AND without even using our thermometer! *gasp*

For candle making, that's got to be blasphemous right?

But we didn't need to use a thermometer because Perfect Pour Soy Wax can regulate her own temperature. Like a woman in perfect control of herself. Honestly

Truly, this soy wax is as insensitive to temperature as some thick-skinned people we know.  

There was no waiting period in between pours, no need to heat up the jars and no need to take any temperature before adding the fragrances.

That's really weird for a natural wax right? But agriculture technology nowadays is amazing.

And this miracle wax saved us and many candle makers a ton of candle making hours. 

Every candle maker knows there are many requirements (stringent, taboo and even superstitious steps) prior to create the perfect candles with the perfect look, topped off with the perfect hot and cold scent throw...

With this wax, we helped you skipped chapters of expensive trail and painful error. 

And being an OCD candle maker, we melted this wax using the taboo'ed MICROWAVE method and still...we got AMAZING RESULTS! 

Now that really levelled up our game in candle making. Because not only do we quicken our entire candle making and hand-pouring process, we are guaranteed candles with baby-bottom smooth surfaces that retain amazing hot/cold scent throw, has low soot, and is long burning.

It was so miraculous we had to recheck the MSDS and COA for this wax just to make sure it was 100% Midwest grown soy.

Trust the Midwest USA for their grown-breaking technology and quality of soy wax. We've been to the Midwest, and so we know they are crazy they are with quality there.

Okay... so we know we went on and on but if you would like the summary on Craftitivi Perfect Pour Soy Wax here it is:

  • Ultra easy to use
  • Zero cooling time - just melt, add fragrance and pour! No need to watch the temperature
  • One pour method
  • Creates smooth candle surfaces each time. No more wonky tops (think baby bottoms and ice rinks)
  • Retains colors well...oh so well
  • Strong hot and cold scent throw
  • No preheating of jars needed unless due to habit
  • Clean burning with low soot
  • Creates creamy white professional-looking candles every time (every time)
  • Perfect for candle businesses that ship products in hot or cold climates


Perfect Pour Soy Wax blends well with other natural and synthetic waxes and is ideal for:

  • Container candles
  • Massage candles (wax is safe to the skin as long as fragrances & scents are also safe)
  • Tealight candles
  • Votive candles 


4 reasons savvy candle makers choose this wax:

  1. It is the easiest melt&pour candle making wax in the market
  2. 100% soywax despite how easy it is to work with
  3. Ethically and sustainably sourced
  4. Our wax is not tested on animals. Never
  5. Guaranteed amazing results with each pour (*disclaimer - unless you add in weird stuff like eau de toillete or macha powder)


Wax hardness

Perfect Pour Soy Wax is a soft wax and can only be used to make candles in jars and containers. 

Unlike other soy waxes, the Perfect Pour Soy Wax doesn't need to be blended with other waxes to stabilize it or to prevent sink holes. It does the job on its own.

To use this wax for making pillar candles, you can test blend with other harder waxes such as beeswax and paraffin wax. However, for convenience and a quicker cost effective solution, you can also try our Pillar Soy Wax instead. 


    • Origin: Midwest USA
    • Form: Pellet
    • Soot Level: Low
    • Color: Creamy white
    • Odor: Sweet natural scent
    • Fragrance Load: 8% to 12% fragrance to the wax weight
    • Grade: Tested unparalleled to other grades - yours truly
    • Recommended Wick Series: ECO, HTP
    • Finished Effect: Soy wax candles with an unbelievable milky smooth white look
    • Storage: The ideal temperature to store soy wax is 24°C in a dry cool area
    • Packing size: 500g, 1kg and 20.4kg - For bulk orders, please email


    • Glue wick to the bottom of the container and hold it upright with a plastic clip or Bow tie clip.
    • Heat wax to 70 °C or till all have meted in a double boiler or microwave. Do not overboil.
    • Add in up to 12% fragrance to the weight of the wax.
    • Pour into jar. No waiting or cooling off time. So you can watch Netflix.

    Soy Wax Form: Beads Vs Flakes

    We love beads (sometimes called pellets)!

    We only work with beads.

    We don't work with flaky things...and people...

    Soy Wax Beads melt uniformly, retains the scent for longer periods of time and can be colored into a rainbow of hues. 

    We never work with flakes because we find the results inconsistent.

    Flakes tend to be inconsistent in weight (like some flakes are big and some are mini mini). This makes getting the exact measurement per cup very difficult. For beads, each cup or scoop size has a standard weight.

    We like pellets. They are like the perfect gym student, their weight is consistent, doesn't fluctuate and they do not have water retention problems. 

    What's this about water? Flakes have a thinner and wider surface that tends to hold on to more moisture absorbed from the air. This means your candle contains some moisture that can affect the burn and scent throw. 

    On the other hand pellets have a uniform size and weight, making it drier and much easier to weigh. 

    Plus pellets always look better than broken up bits of flakes which sometimes look like the wax we scrap off our spilled mistakes. 

    In summary, we tested tons of waxes and we attest to beads. 


    [This article was not written by CHATGPT because AI does not make candles]



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