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MGA'S Miniverse Food Series - CAFE Series C7R

MGA'S Miniverse Food Series - CAFE Series C7R

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Meet MGA's Miniverse, Make It Mini Food! The only mini food collectible that you can MAKE AND DISPLAY.

Each package comes with surprise ingredients and kitchen accessories to make your mini food collectible.

Each package is blind so you won't know which mini you got until you unbox it! Compare the contents of your package with the collectors guide that comes with it, to see which mini you have. Follow the recipe card on the back to make your mini.

Once you've finished creating your mini, set your finished dish in any UV light (the sun or UV Flashlight) until the resin has hardened. Once it's set, you've got your finished mini collectible.

Not only will you want to collect and display your finished mini creation, the ingredients and mini packaging are just as cute and collectible too!

From mini working straws, to mini donut boxes with actual mini donuts, to a mini carton of milk with actual liquid, there are over 100+ unique Make It Mini ingredients, packages, and kitchen accessories to collect and create your own mini food collectibles.

Collect all 36 Series 1 Make It Mini Food Collectibles! Visit for more on Make It Mini Foods!

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