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Jasmine Car Air Con Clip Aroma Flower

Jasmine Car Air Con Clip Aroma Flower

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Customise your very own car scent using quality fragrance oils or essential oils. You no longer are limited to the scents off the shelves. 

This creative plaster Aroma Flower is perfect for high absorption of fragrance and essential oils. Just drip 5 to 10 drops of your favourite blend of fragrance and attach to your air con vent. 

It's time to blend and create your own signature car scent. It's a wonderful journey to be on!

Choose from over 90 different fragrance options under our brand name. Blend citrus with woody scents to create a signature car scent, or floral and citrus notes to entice and excite. 

And if you decide to go all natural, fill up the bottle with 10ml of pure essential oil blend. We recommend uplifting citrus notes such as pure Sweet Orange essential oil or Lemon essential oil with Sandalwood. 

To increase driving focus, we recommend pure Rosemary essential oils blended with Peppermint oil. 

During flu season, fill you car with Eucalyptus or Tea tree oil. The options are endless!


Size: 4.8cm x 5.3cm

Color options: White / Pink

Material: Plastic


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