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'Clean Air' Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Gift Set (LIMITED EDITION)

'Clean Air' Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Gift Set (LIMITED EDITION)

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This gift set comes with 3 handpicked essential oils potent for its air cleansing properties.

These oils contain actives that help combat airborne microbes and is useful to diffuse in toilets, during flu season or anytime around the house or workspace to improve air quality. 

Set contains:

  1. Yein&Young Citronella Essential Oil 10ml
  2. Yein&Young Eucalyptus Essential Oil 10ml
  3. Yein&Young Palma Rosa Essential Oil 10ml
  4. Diffuser Base 500ml
  5. Diffuser Bottle 150ml
  6. Reeds - 25pcs
  7. Spiral Reeds - 2pcs
  8. Instructions card


About Diffuser Base

A commercial ready mixed volatile solvent with good solvency for any essential oils, perfumes and fragrances, contains excellent volatile properties and pleasant unscented base smell.

This product is a bio based raw material that is environmentally friendly and can be naturally decomposed, quickly diffused, and retains the purity of the fragrance. The product itself has no odor.

Does not contain alcohol.


Making reed diffuser: just add essential oil or fragrance oil 10ml to 30 ml to 100ml diffuser base depending on how strong you need the scent to be.

Separation of oil and diffuser base may happen but this does not affect the effectiveness of scent diffusion. There is no separation when using natural essential oils. 

Scent: Unscented base is odor-free.

Ingredients: Vegan, plant based ingredients. Volatile fatty alcohol and other biodegradable compound components. Does not contain alcohol. Is not flammable.


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