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Bath Bomb Aluminium Mold - Starfish - 1 piece

Bath Bomb Aluminium Mold - Starfish - 1 piece

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Bath Bomb Aluminium Mold - Starfish is designed specially for making DIY bath bomb, bath fizzies and can also be used for clay craft. Produces a starfish shape.

Easy to wash and demold. Made from high quality aluminium. Does not react to citric acid or essential oils (key ingredients for making bath bombs).


Bath Bomb Mold Specifications :

  • Material : Aluminium
  • Dimensions : Approx 3.5cm (Height) x 11cm (Diameter)
  • 1piece

How to Make Bath Bombs:

  1. In a bowl, mix 2 cups of Sodium Bicarbonate with 1 cup of Citric Acid. Make sure that there are no clumps.
  2. Add up to 45ml of carrier oil (like Sweet Almond Oil, or Jojoba Oil) in parts and up to 3ml of Fragrance Oil - 30ml or essential oil. Mix the ingredients thoroughly using your hands.
  3. Add in a handful of crushed dried rose petals or lavender buds. Mix again.
  4. Check the texture of your bath bomb mixture. Squeeze a handful and if it doesn't hold it's shape, spritz with Witch Hazel and mix with each spray. The texture should be similar to wet sand.
  5. Fill two halves of the bath bomb molds and gently close the bath bomb mold.
  6. Leave aside for a day so that it can harden.

More Bath bomb materials available online and at our outlet at Craftiviti Sdn. Bhd. (Centrepoint, Bandar Utama)

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