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Monoi Oil (100% Monoi de Tahiti) - 100ml

Monoi Oil (100% Monoi de Tahiti) - 100ml

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Monoi Oil is an exotic traditional Polynesian beauty oil made by infusing coconut oil with the petals of the Tiare flower (also known as Tahitian gardenia).

This fragrant oil has been used for centuries by the people of French Polynesia for various beauty and skincare purposes. Here are some of the benefits and unique features of Monoi oil:

  1. Hydration: Monoi oil is an excellent moisturizer for the skin and hair

  2. Hair Repair: Nourishes and repairs damaged hair.  It can help repair and prevent hair damage, making it softer, smoother, and shinier.

  3. Natural Fragrance: Offers a pleasant, natural scent of Tiare flower petals.

  4. Antioxidant Protection: Guards skin against environmental damage, premature aging, soothe and heal sunburned or irritated skin.

  5. Non-Greasy: Absorbs easily without leaving a heavy residue.

  6. Long Shelf Life: Monoi oil has a long shelf life due to the natural preservative properties of coconut oil, and the Tiare flower's natural fragrance helps keep it from going rancid.


Facts on our Monoi Oil:

  • INCI Name: Tahitian gardenia infused in Coconut Oil
  • Trade Name : Monoi de Tahiti (100%)
  • Colour: Light Yellow
  • Type: Refined, Liquid, Odourless, Non-Greasy, Slight Floral Scent
  • Origin: France

    NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. Safe for skincare formulation.


    How to Use

    Monoi oil can be used in a variety of ways. You can apply it directly to your skin and hair as a moisturizer or conditioner, add it to your bath, or use it as a massage oil.

    Essential Oil/Carrier Oil Blend

    • Dilute 1-2% of essential oil to 30ml Monoi oil. Monoi Oil has a scent of its own so do consider that when blending. 
    • Do a patch test on your skin prior to use.


      Soap Making

      • Apply to melt & pour soap base, liquid soap base or skincare recipes.
      • Add 1 tablespoon of Craftiviti's Monoi Oil into 500g any soap bases mentioned above.
      • Do a patch test on your skin prior to use.

       *Can also be used in CP and HP soap making process


      Massage Oil Making

      • An ideal massage oil base for deep tissue and healing massages
      • Mix 1% Lavender Oil to Monoi Oil for a relaxing massage
      • Mix 1% Ginger Oil to Monoi Oil for a healing massage
      • Mix 1% Rose or Geranium Oil to Monoi Oil for a beauty massage


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