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Dried Rose Petal

Dried Rose Petal

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Our Dried Rose Petals are harvested right before it blooms to maintain and capture its brilliant colors and delicate fragrance. These dried flowers are best paired with Rose, Palmarosa or Geranium essential oils or fragrance oils. 

Rosebuds or flowers can be used in resin casting, soap and candle making. Flowers can be crushed and used as a natural coloring for masks and melt & pour soaps.

Note: The color of flowers tend to change over time due to heat, oxidization and in reaction to lye. These flowers are also pesticide-free, so flower bugs are normal occurrences. Please keep them refrigerated in airtight containers and use them as soon as possible.

Facts on Dried Rose Petals

  • Country of origin: China
  • Botanical name: Rosa
  • Parts used: Flowers
  • Colour: Dark pink to maroon
  • Scent: Rose-like
  • Packing size: 100g / 500g (For bulk orders, please email
  • Storage: Keep refrigerated
  • Cautions: Do not consume.


Traditional Benefits of Dried Rose Petals

  • Cleanses your skin
  • Can be used in moisturizers and soaked in serums for its moisturizing effects
  • Fades blemishes
  • Infuse in oil to create rose infusion

This flower is rich in:

  • Fibers
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A

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Bunga-bunga mawar kering ini dipetik sebaik sebelum ia mekar untuk mengekalkan dan menyerlahkan warna-warnanya yang berseri dan aromanya yang lembut.Sangat baik dipadankan dengan Rose fragrance oil atau Palma Rosa Essential Oil daripada Craftiviti.Tunas bunga mawar atau bunganya boleh digunakan dalam acuan resin, sabun dan membuat lilin.Bunga boleh dilumat dan digunakan sebagai pewarna semula jadi untuk sabun melt & pour. Nota: Warna bunga cenderung berubah mengikut kadar perubahan masa dipengaruhi oleh keadaan panas dan pengoksidaan.Terdapat lebih banyak pilihan bahan-bahan kraf yang boleh di dapati online atau di kedai kami di Craftiviti Sdn. Bhd. (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)


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