Rapid DIY Natural Skincare Online Masterclass

Master the art of creating your own organic and natural skincare products & discover how to:-

1. Handmade quality organic & natural skincare

How to use commonly found organic and natural ingredients to handmade high quality and safe skincare

2. Avoid harmful chemical ingredients

How to avoid harmful chemical-driven ingredients that will irritate your skin and destroy your health

3. Use infuse oil for skin benefits

How to infuse oil using dried herbs easily and therefore can maximize the skin benefits

4. Formulate 15 luxurious skincare

How to formulate 15 luxurious natural skincare products using tried and tested, but yet simple and customizable formulations

5. Practice hygienic packaging

How to practice hygienic packaging that will prolong the shelf life of your products incorporating safer ways

6. Study at your own pace

You can study and your own pace and re-watch the videos at your own convenient

7. Prolong shelf life

How to practice hygienic packaging and how to prolong shelf life of your products incorporating safer ways, you can now store your handmade natural skincare conveniently for at least 3 months, no more needing the fridge or finish up within 3 days!

Meet Jenna

I'm the Founder, certified teacher and owned a Master in Instructional Design behind Soap Faculty. I am also the proud student of Formula Botanica (United Kingdom) in Advanced Diploma Organic Cosmetic Science. My brand story is to empower women to take 100% charge in creating our own natural beauty skincare.

I often feel that the biggest challenge in the journey of formulating natural skincare is finding the right voice. The Internet is cluttered with too much misleading information which can influence the way we formulate our natural skincare correctly. Seeing this, I am inspired to only learn the ethical way and be the right voice for women who seek for the knowledge.

About Craftiviti

Founders Yein and Eugene started Craftiviti in 2015. Yein is a qualified Cosmetic Chemist and a certified Organic Cosmetic Formulator. This shows our commitment to sourcing safe and quality ingredients for handmaking products at home. We carefully manage the process of sourcing and providing the highest quality ingredients and materials so that you can handmake products with ease of mind. We also work with trusted and like-minded cosmetic instructors like Jenna and Soap Faculty to inspire more people to handmake their own natural products.

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Soap Faculty is a local brand founded by a mompreneur. We have been collaborating with like-minded local brands like  Craftiviti, Pure Space, Sarolife that supports ethical sourcing, green lifestyle and wellness. Like Craft La Education, we aim to bring you a different kind of fun education learning to achieve the passion you desire. When you support Soap Faculty, you are backing up women, you are spreading our movement!

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Why you should enroll with us ?

1. Start your own business

You want to start your own natural and organic skincare products business

2. Learn to formulate safe skincare

You want to learn how to formulate safe, natural and organic skincare products products

3. Learn about tested & formulated ingredients

You want to learn about tested & formulated ingredients of natural and organic skincare products without guess work

4. Produce professional quality natural and organic skincare products

You want to learn how to formulate professional quality natural and organic skincare products

5. Gain confidence in your own skincare

You want to become more confident in develping your own natural and organic skincare products

6. Change lives through natural and organic skincare products 

You want to change lives through natural and organic skincare products

7. Disclaimer: Video course & login account

Your teachable account login will be created within 1 - 2 working days and sent via email. Once you have the log-in details, you'll be able to start the RDNS course.

8. E-cert is claimable upon completion

You can claim E-certification upon completion of the couse


Rapid DIY Natural Skincare Digital Course

at an amazing price with Bonuses for grab


Digital Course Details


1 . About the course
2. Join Telegram : RDNS VIP support group
3. 3 core reasons why you should DIY your own natural skincare

Module 1: Fundamentals of Natural Skincare

1. Tools and equipment that you will need
2. 5 rules of thumb in crafting natural skincare
3. Technical skincare categories - anhydrous, aqueous and emulsion

Module 2: Recommended ingredients

1. Getting to know the common organic and natural ingredients key qualities and function
2. My 3 favorite carrier oils for different skin types
3. How to make herbal oil infusion to maximize skin benefits - Traditional vs fast method
4. Top 10 essential oils for skincare, key benefits and safe dermal limits
5. Paraben-free broad spectrum preservatives, COSMOS and ECOCERT approved natural preservatives and antioxidants
6. Premium suppliers and resources

Module 3: Foundation to easy Natural Skincare formulation  

1. The best and accurate measurement in formulating natural skincare
2. My 6-Step-Formulation framework to customize a formulation to suit your skin need
3. How to use the formulation calculator

Module 4: Let's begin the face series

1. Ylang ylang facial cleanser
2. Tea tree shea butter face soap bar ( SLS & SLES Free )
3. Lavender make-up removal butter
4. Hydrating face toner
5. Japan matcha clay mask
6. Hyaluronic acid eye serum
7. Anti-aging rose geranium face serum
8. Organic chamomile hydrating sunblock
9. Natural sweet orange chocolate lip balm

Module 5: Let's dig in the Body Series 

1. Organic peppermint shampoo
2. Organic whipped soap peppermint coffee sugar scrub
3. Organic lemongrass floral bath salts
4. Organic bath bombs
5. French lavender relaxing essential oil roll-on
6. Calendula-infused lavender body lotion

Wrap up with bonus tools left for you ( All design by me in thinking of you )  

1. Infographics: natural skincare regime guide & minimal skincare morning + night routine
2. DIY natural skincare planner
3. Formulation calculator
4. Sticker label templates ( 5 different sizes )

Extra formulation card swipe files + unannounced bonus  

1. Improved fast method witout heating : calendula-infused lavender body lotion
2. Fast method : hyaluronic acid eye serum
3. More moisturizing : natural tinted lip balm
4. Organic skin savior butter
5. NEW! Sweet orange oat lotion formulation card
6. NEW! Buttery ice cream soap formulation card
7. NEW! Chamomile honey papaya soap - Facebook live training
8. NEW! Super duper easy hand lotion - Facebook live training

Course Advantages


Digital Learning Centre ( Value RM 9,200 )

Access to this Membership Digital Learning Centre consists of my popular revised 3 DIY Natural Skincare Series combined into Face Series and Body Series in this online masterclass ( RM9,200 Value )

Learn at your own pace ( Value RM 1,000 )

Learn at your own pace, your own time, your own chosen venue or at the comfort of your safe home with lifetime access ( RM 1000 Value )

Support Group ( Value RM 1,500 )

RDNS VIP Telegram Support Group ( RM1500 Value )

Ingredients Purchase Links ( Value RM 2,000 )

Purchase links are prepared for you so you can buy all the ingredients you need conveniently, just click it! ( RM2000 Value )

Resell Masterclass ticket ( Value RM 6,000 )

Opportunity to get tickets to resell this online masterclass with 50% monetary rewards per head with zero product, zero modal and zero risk from your side ( RM6000 Value )

Over RM 25,000 value include bonuses

To grab with this amazing online master class. Grab now today !


Bonus 1 - Printable Sticker
( Value RM 1,000 )

Free fillable and printable sticker label templates in 5 sizes so that you can dress up your awesome skincare products beautifully

Bonus 2 - Skincare Planner
( Value RM 1,500 )

Free fillable & printable DIY natural skincare planner so that you can record your best recipes, ideas, resources and expenses in one place

Bonus 3 - Formulation Calculator (Value RM 3,000)

Free 3-in-1 formulation calculator to help you to convert percentage to weight, weight to percentage

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