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Double Candle Wood Wick & Stand - 10pcs

Double Candle Wood Wick & Stand - 10pcs

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Wooden candle wicks are very easy to use and add unique appeal candles. Wooden wicks are known for their unique crackle sound when burning.

This wooden wick complete with tabs, made of stainless steel to prevent any wax discoloration.

Ideal for waxes such as paraffin, soy, palm wax.

Use this wick for small and medium container candles - burn diameter estimated 5.5cm to 6cm

Size: 15cm length x 1.3 cm wide

Comes in two separate pieces of wood and 1 metal stand x 10 pieces.

What's different about wood wick compared to cotton wicks:

The choice of wick depends solely on the candle maker's preference (that's you). The only known difference about wood wicks compared to regular cotton wick is the unique crackling when it burns, reminiscencing of a fireplace. The other difference is that wood wicks tend to burn at a higher temperature. 


The three main types of wood wicks are single-ply, booster/double wicks, and spiral.

  • Single-ply is the thinnest and works best with paraffin wax or wax blends.
  • Booster or double wicks work well with natural waxes that produce lower heat outputs.
  • Spiral wicks work with all waxes and produce a lot of heat.

The success of your DIY wood wick candle lies primarily in the width of the wood wick against the size of the holder. Also, the type of wood wick must be compatible with the wax used and the fragrant load.

Therefore, the wood wick you should use is the one whose width is wide enough for the diameter of your holder. It should also be compatible with the wax composition because some types of wood wicks only work with natural wax and not unnatural wax.


How to use the wick

  • To use wick, place it at the center of the candle mold or container and glue it using a glue gun or by using soft rubber adhesive tack. E6000 be great for a permanent bond.
  • Once wick is in place, gently pour hot melted wax into the mold and leave candle to set overnight.

How a candle burns depends on may factors such as the type of wick, the size of wick, the amount and type of dyes used, the amount and type of fragrance/essential oils used. So it is recommended for you to do a small test batch first.


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