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Vitamin E Acetate (Germany) - Cosmetic Grade

Vitamin E Acetate (Germany) - Cosmetic Grade

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Let's get oily with Vitamin E Acetate. 
It's one of the richest oils in our range and it certainly feels that way too. 
The oil is slightly yellow and very thick. Like honey but thicker. 
As you spread this on your skin and massage it in, you can feel it oozing with skin healing, replenishing and moisture-locking goodness. 
Keep this oil away from eyes though as it is way too thick and rich for the delicate area.
But enjoy it's benefits anywhere else.
This is an especially good oil to rub into hard callous areas such as heels, elbows and anywhere you find stubborn layers of skin. 
Also a great oil to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy. Apply onto tummy before it starts to show to help the skin heal, gain elasticity and bounce back.  
Our 5 star review on this page attest to the quality of this luxurious oil. 
Also here is what a friend sent:
You just can't buy reviews like that. And since Sharon here did not leave an official review we decided to take her words point blank. 
No fakery here. It's all the truth. 
Vitamin E has a way of nourishing your skin and heal it too. This is why it is a popular ingredient in scar healing remedies. 
Vitamin E Acetate (Germany)

Vitamin E Acetate (Germany)

Vitamin E Acetate (Tocopheryl Acetate) that is a form of vitamin E, a natural skin-conditioning agent and antioxidant.

Often used as an alternative to pure undiluted vitamin E because it is considered more stable and less acidic. Used in cosmetic formulations for skincare products.

Vitamin E Acetate Oil Material Safety Data Sheet

Vitamin E Acetate Oil Specification


Facts on our Vitamin E Acetate:

  • INCI Name Tocopheryl Acetate
  • Appearance: Thick Viscous
  • Color: Pale Yellow
  • Type: Refined, Liquid, Odorless
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Odor: Odourless
  • Boiling Point: 443°c
  • Flashpoint: 243°c
  • Solubility: Soluble in diethyl ether, acetone, carrier oil. Insoluble in water
  • Packing size: 100ml, 1000ml (For bulk orders, please email
  • Cautions: Not to be consumed


Traditional Benefits of Vitamin E Acetate:

  • Treats skin burns
  • Deep skin moisturizer
  • It has anti-aging and antioxidant properties
  • Treats scars, stretch marks and wrinkles
  • Treats acne
  • Treatment for chapped lips
  • Maintains the health of nails and cuticles
  • Repairs pigmentation of the skin (sunscreen)
  • Treats split ends


Vitamin E usages:

  • Apply direct to face. If you find the oil too thick, mix it with a lighter oil such as sweet almond or jojoba oil. Add a drop of frankincense to promote deeper healing especially to aging skin
  • Add this to your massage oil blend for a deeper massage experience that leaves your skin glowing
  • Use in CP or HP soap making to create luxurious natural soaps with a great marketing story to tell
  • Mix this with clays like Dead Sea Clay or Bentonite Clay and Aloe Vera Gel for a deep cleansing and healing mask
  • This oil is unscented so feel free to blend it with essential oils or use it on it's own



Apply to melt & pour soap base, liquid soap base or skincare recipes. Can be applied directly to skin with essential oils. Dilute 10 drops of essential oil to 30ml carrier oil. Do a patch test on your skin prior to use.

Vitamin E Acetate can also be added to honey or banana and many other ingredients to make a natural and enriching mask for the skin. Thick and sticky texture. Suitable for preventing oxidation and rancidity in oil-based formulas.

For more soap making ingredients, tools, fragrance oils, essential oils, butters, carrier oils, craft kits and DIY workshops, please visit our Award Winning Experience outlet - Craftiviti.


Vitamin E Acetate (Tocopheryl Acetate) adalah ejen perapi kulit yang semulajadi dan antioksidan. Sering digunakan sebagai bahan alternatif kepada vitamin E tulen yang selalunya pekat kerana ia didapati lebih stabil dan kurang berasid. Digunakan meluas dalam formula pembuatan kosmetik untuk produk-produk penjagaan kulit.

Kelebihan Vitamin E Acetate:

  • Rawatan kulit yang luka akibat terbakar
  • Pelembap kulit
  • Anti penuaan
  • Rawatan tanda tanda parut
  • Anti Oksida
  • Rawatan bibir yang berpecah-pecah
  • Menyihatkan kuku dan kulit kuku
  • Merawat kulit yang berpigmentasi (sunscreen)
  • Merawat rambut yang bercabang-cabang
  • Melawan kedutan kulit

Vitamin E Acetate juga boleh dicampurkan dengan madu atau pisang dan bahan-bahan lain untuk membuat masker muka semula jadi. Ia mempunyai struktur yang pekat dan melekit. Amat sesuai untuk mencegah pengoksidaan, merupakan pengawet semulajadi dan dapat mencegah sifat ketengikan dalam formula berasaskan minyak.


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