Calling All Scent Lovers! Dive Into Our LATEST & NEWEST Collection of Fragrance Oils

Calling All Scent Lovers! Dive Into Our LATEST & NEWEST Collection of Fragrance Oils

We have added 4 new fragrance oils to our range and we are excited to hear your feedback!

All 4 fragrance oils contains no phthalates and are IFRA certified. Safe for soap and candle making as well as all types of aromatherapy products.


We heard your requests and finally found this beautiful scent. This oud scent is rich, complex, and deeply captivating yet never overpowering. It's described as woody, smoky, and earthy, with hints of sweetness and slight bitterness from the bergamot. Oud also carries a certain depth and warmth, like aged wood or leather, which adds to its allure. Overall, the scent of oud is luxurious and masculine. A premium scent to lift any product. 




This is a new favourite and we are expecting this to be the next popular candle and perfume scent exuding luxury, wealth, and sophistication in every note. There are hints of white lilies and white musk. Underneath the layering is a subtle almost dismissible woody note of mahogany, conveying a sense of timeless elegance and strength. This complex fragrance is both alluring and evocative. A must try!



This fragrance oil is a burst of happiness and joy. It is refreshing, bubbly and cheerful with bright zesty citrus notes and undertones of sweet honey. A scent that is both simple and sophisticated. We can imagine this perfect in a bubble bath or as a bath bomb. This fragrance is able to instantly uplift the spirits and fill the air with an aura of positivity. One of the happiest scents that we have.



The scent of orange blossom is truly enchanting. It's a fragrance that captures the essence of summer in its most delicate and alluring form with light citrusy notes. Never too heady or too strong. This scent has just the right amount of zest to it.  The scent carries traces of sweet orange and neroli. And hints lightly of jasmine and musk, making it a complex perfume. Definitely a perfumer's favourite.  


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