What You Didn't Know About Our Coffee Fragrance...

What You Didn't Know About Our Coffee Fragrance...

7 curing days or less is all it takes for your candles to be ready to light up! That's how strong our Coffee Fragrance Oil is. And boy does it smell sublime! Like walking into a hipster coffee joint tucked away in a tiny alley in Melbourne city.

Light this up in any kitchen or cafe and watch the atmosphere change!

If you make candles, give this delectable Fragrance Oil a shot. We love it! Our candlemakers love it too!

We've tested many coffee fragrances and this one tops our list, hats DOWN!

Also a great fragrance for sugar scrub and soap scent to pick you up every day!

More info here - Coffee Fragrance Oil - 30ml - Scents for Soap Making and Candle Making - Cosmetic Grade (craftiviti.com)

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