Quick Discovery On Epoxy Resin and Why Picking The Right One Matters

Quick Discovery On Epoxy Resin and Why Picking The Right One Matters

If you ever wish to venture into epoxy resin crafting, here are some quick tips.

Epoxy resin is a versatile and fluid liquid plastic that hardens into a crystal clear texture very similar to glass and is suitable for making faux jewellery and gems, ornaments, decorative items, and anything from picture frames to custom resin combs and bookmarks.

There are many grades of epoxy resins including:

Craft Grade Epoxy Resins: Craft grade epoxy resin is typically designed for small-scale DIY projects, hobbyists, and artistic endeavors. It is commonly used for coating surfaces, creating art pieces, jewelry making, and other crafts.

Industrial Grade Epoxy Resins: These are formulated for use in industrial settings where durability, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength are essential.

Structural Grade Epoxy Resins: Engineered for structural applications where high strength and load-bearing capabilities are required, such as in construction, aerospace, and marine industries.

Marine Grade Epoxy Resins: Specifically formulated to withstand harsh marine environments, these resins are resistant to water, moisture, and salt spray corrosion.

Food Grade Epoxy Resins: These are epoxy resins that comply with regulations and standards set for food contact materials, ensuring safety for use in food and beverage applications.

Medical Grade Epoxy Resins: Designed for medical applications such as medical device manufacturing, these resins meet stringent biocompatibility and sterilization requirements.


In crafting, we focus on Craft Grade Epoxy Resin because of the following plus factors:

Ease of Use: Craft grade epoxy resins are often formulated to be user-friendly and easy to work with, making them suitable for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and beginners who may not have extensive experience with epoxy resins. This is also why school projects have begun incorporating resin art into their syllabus.

Clarity and Aesthetics: Craft grade epoxy resins may prioritize clarity and aesthetic qualities, making them ideal for applications where visual appeal is important, such as creating art pieces, jewelry, or decorative coatings.

Low Odor and VOCs: Some epoxy resins are formulated to have low odor and low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, which can be beneficial for indoor applications or users sensitive to strong chemical smells.

Affordability: Craft grade epoxy resins are often more affordable than higher-grade industrial or structural resins, making them a cost-effective choice for small-scale projects or casual hobbyists who do not require the performance characteristics of industrial-grade resins.

Availability in Small Quantities: Craft grade epoxy resins are commonly available in smaller quantities of 200g up to 1kg, which can be advantageous for hobbyists or artists who only need a small amount of resin for their projects, reducing waste and storage requirements.

Quick Curing Times: Some craft grade epoxy resins offer relatively quick curing times, allowing users to complete their projects more rapidly compared to resins with longer curing times.

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So when you are venturing into Resin Crafting, keep in mind to pick the best grades for the best results. Some resins in the market such as polyurethane resin or polyester resin can be toxic and harmful. So make sure you do more research before purchase.

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