NEW LAUNCH: A Candle for Enhanced Memory and Focus

NEW LAUNCH: A Candle for Enhanced Memory and Focus

Ever get brain fog? Feel tired from working or studying hard? Ever end up reading a sentence over and over again while getting nothing registered? Or having jet lag and work collide at the same time?

Mental fatigue is common, especially those spending hours are work or studying for exams.

So we have curated a small batch hand poured therapeutic candle called DEEP FOCUS by Yein&Young to help you take on those challenging tiring times when the brain wants to have a mind of its own.

DEEP FOCUS Therapeutic Candle is made from 100% natural ingredients. For wax, we use Perfect Pour Soy Wax, the only soy wax we trust to burn steadily and smoothly for long hours.

Into the soy wax we added in some beeswax to diffuse negative ions when burning. Negative ions can improve respiratory health by reducing allergens, pollutants, and other harmful particles in the air. Negative ions may also improve lung function and reduce symptoms of asthma and other respiratory conditions.

So burning this candle is not only aesthetically, its beneficial too to breathe in too!

And we've only just started with the wax!

Next, we infused a special blend of pure essential oils. Each oil is carefully chosen for the properties that help improve alertness, attentiveness, mindfulness and focus.

Did you know that Rosemary essential oil is useful to improve memory and retention? A vital edge for long hours of studies and work.

A touch of ginger oil helps to stimulate willpower and restores motivation, combat burnout and imparts warm and encouraging energy.

We also added Lemon Oil into this fusion. Lemon energizes and awakens. This is an uplifting oil that gives bright energy to the user.

Basil Essential Oil is a unique oil that is known to strengthen self-confidence and motivation, and bring clarity to the mind. A useful oil to breathe in during stressful times.

And finally, we added Myrrh to calm the mind, prevent overthinking and anxious thoughts. Also, Myrrh essential oil helps bring inner stillness and a sense of peace to the tired mind.

All oils are handpicked and imported by our essential oil specialist. This means the oils are vetted for purity and quality. We do not substitute our essential oils with synthetic fragrances.

When bring used, these essential oil blend gets diffused slowly into the air. Place on your study or work table to help you power through the session.

When they say burning the midnight oil, this candle brings it to another level letting you 'burn the midnight oil' with better focus and attention.

And if you have any workaholic friends or anyone who a focus of a goldfish, this makes a great gift for them!

More info on DEEP FOCUS Therapeutic Candle here

Stay tuned for our next new launch!

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