Here's how to clean up a candle that didn't quite make it

Here's how to clean up a candle that didn't quite make it

If the candle was a failure, the jar shouldn't be punished. 
Here are some tips on how to clean up a candle jar so that you can reuse it again.
This method works for candles with a lot of wax left behind. This can be due to poor wicking, low grade wax, or excessive use of fragrance oils. All these factors and more can create a poor burning candle. 
To put such candle out of its misery, place a large pot over the stove filled with 2 to 3 inches of water depending on the height of the candle jars (as shown in the photo above). 
Place the candle jars to sit on the water and let the water boil. 
To quicken the step, you can cover the pot with a lid to keep the heat in. 
Once all the wax has melted, simply pour the wax out.
Rinse jar with hot water and give it a first wipe with tissue paper. Careful as the jar will be hot. I find wearing a silicone mitten helps here. 
Once jars are wiped down, you may still have a thin layer of wax on the surface. This is normal. Leave jar to cool. Then rinse and wash jar with normal dish detergent. 
Your jar is not ready for the next batch of candle. 
As mentioned, this is an effective way to get rid of larger amounts of wax in the jars. 
However, for candles that have burnt down well and coming to an end and a thin layer of wax is all that's left behind, this can be easily cleaned away by adding hot water to the jar. 
The thin layer of leftover wax can easily be melted juts with hot water. Hence a double boiling method is not needed here. 

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