Discover the Secret to Eternal Freshness: Jojoba Oil Defies Rancidity

Discover the Secret to Eternal Freshness: Jojoba Oil Defies Rancidity

Did you know that Jojoba oil does not oxidize or turn rancid? Jojoba oil has an indefinite shelf life. Heat does not affect it. Unlike other carrier oils, it can stand up to heating and re-heating. In fact, did you know jojoba oil is a liquid wax. This makes it very stable and a popular oil for long lasting massage oil blends.

When added with other oils and essential oil blends, it helps to extend their shelf life like a trusty friend who is always there to make you feel young.

Also natural antioxidants, such as tocopherols (vitamin E), not only help protect the oil from oxidation, these antioxidants also helps the skin against aging and drying.

Our Jojoba Oil is sourced from South America and is not diluted with any other oil or preservative. This makes it a very stable and rich oil.

Imagine using this oil on your skin for eternal freshness and its age defying properties? It's gold!

Ways of using this potent skin-loving oil include:

  • Facial oil with skin loving essential oils such as rose oil, geranium oil or frankincense. Add 1% essential oil to the total weight of the jojoba oil

  • Massage oil blend to soothe muscles. Mix with Clary Sage, Lavender or Frankincense oil

  • Add to liquid soap for extra moisturizing benefits at 0.5% to weight of soap

  • Substitute one oil in your CP soap recipe with this stable oil

  • Create a roll-on perfume essential oil blend by mixing peppermint and lemon to each tension and uplift


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