We won! 

To be honest, we didn't think we would.

So when we were called up on stage for the Gold Award for Best Brand by The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA), we were beyond belief. 

Winning the Best Brand Gold Award meant that the judges questioned, scrutinized and checked on what we've built and liked that they saw. 

We were elated. Who wouldn't be? After all, SOBA  is known in the industry as a very tough award to win. It is also known as a stickler award that cannot be bought.

So when we were called onto the stage again for the SECOND time as the Gold winner of the Best E-Retail award, we actually hesitated... But it cannot be...

(You can see our expression in the video below)

We honestly thought we were small players against the other contestants and too niche to qualify. 

So winning both these awards meant the world to us.

Here's why...

It meant that we met industry standards - not just any standards but the prestigious SOBA Gold standards in Brand and E-Retail. 

It meant that our DNA for continuous improvements is recognised by others.

It also meant that we were aligned with our brand's values on quality, trust and integrity in all our ingredients, service and conduct.

As an SME built from the ground up with limited resources, zero funding, and surviving on pure grit, we made it this far.

To have external auditors and judges acknowledge what we have built was an amazing feeling. 

It strengthens WHY we do what we do daily.

Everyday, we work at inspiring people to make their own products. In this rapid consumption world, this is a challenge and a niche. But here's why we believe in what we do.

First, we believe soft skills are the future. When machine and AI take over our jobs, creativity and passion will hold fast. The artisanal handmade market is set to boom.

Secondly, we believe stress and mental health will impact us more and more in our lives. So making something with one's own hands, diving into creative activities or learning something new will help channel our thoughts into a healtheir zone.

And last, we also believe going natural (not just in the food we eat) but also in choosing natural, better quality materials in our daily products is healthier for our overall wellbeing.

It's a win-win situation for all. 

We are humbled by this recognition.

Thank you The Star. Thank you SOBA.

And thank YOU to all our customers and followers for your trust in us. 


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