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Natural Soy Wax


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Craftiviti's Natural Soy Wax is a 100% natural soy wax made from quality soybean oil harvested and processed in the USA. We are proud to be the leading supplier of this... Read more

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  • 500g
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Natural Soy Wax
Craftiviti Soy Wax Malaysia
Natural Soy Wax
Natural Soy Wax

Craftiviti's Natural Soy Wax is a 100% natural soy wax made from quality soybean oil harvested and processed in the USA.

We are proud to be the leading supplier of this fine candle wax that has helped hundred of candle companies create beautiful, long lasting, premium candles since 2015. 

This globally recognised candle making wax has been tried and tested by professional candle makers worldwide.

  • Easy to use
  • One pour method
  • Hardens into a smooth milky surface
  • Retains colours well
  • No preheating of jars necessary
  • Clean burning with low soot
  • Retains scents well
  • Creates creamy white professional-looking candles
  • Perfect for candle businesses that ship products in hot or cold climates

This soy wax blends well with other natural and synthetic waxes and is ideal for:

  • Containercandles
  • Massage candles (wax is skinsafe as long as fragrances and scents are also skinsafe)
  • Tealight candles
  • Votive candles
  • Also safe for cosmetic formulations


Wax hardness

Natural Soy Wax is a soft wax and and can only be used make candles in jars and containers. To use for making pillar candles, you can test blend with other harder waxes such as beeswax and paraffin wax. However, for convenience and a quicker cost effective solution, you can also try our Pillar Soy Wax instead. 



  • 100% natural soy
  • Unadulterated
  • Has no additives
  • Biodegradable
  • Ethically produced
  • Sustainable
  • Renewable
  • Cruelty-Free

Natural Soy Wax Material Safety Data Sheet


  • Origin: USA
  • Form: Pellet
  • Soot Level: Low
  • Color: Creamy white
  • Odour: Sweet natural scent
  • Fragrance Load: Up to 12% fragrance to the wax weight
  • Grade: Similar to Golden Brand 415 and Ecosoya Q210
  • Finished Effect: Soy wax candles have a milky smooth white look
  • Storage: The ideal temperature to store soy wax is 24°C in a dry cool area
  • For bulk orders, please email


  • Glue wick to the bottom of the container and hold it upright with a plastic clip or Bow tie clip.
  • Heat wax to 71 °C in a double boiler. Stir occasionally (overheated wax will discolour and/or burn your wax)
  • Do not aggressively stir or whisk as this can cause aeration; which will cause extra shrink in your wax
  • Remove wax from heat and stir to cool down to 60 °C. Add candle dye and up to 12% fragrance or essential oil.
  • Stir to blend and lower temperature to 41 °C. Pour candle into the jar.
    *Don’t stir aggressively as this causes aeration which results in more shrinkage to your candle.
  • Allow the wax to set at room temperature and cure for 1-2 days before use.

Cleaning Wax
To clean up your tools and pot, wipe melted wax with a paper towel and spray Isopropyl alcohol. Wipe again then pour hot water over tools as final cleansing.


  • Experiment with a small batch to get the right scent and coloring for your candle before attempting larger batches.
  • Please test each fragrance and dye as burn quality will differ based on additives used.
  • Do not use plant powders, clays or uncertified micas and pigments in candles as it will inhibit the fire and some can release toxins while burning.
  • Different wax brands produce different candle quality, burning time and scent throw. Choose the right wax to reduce wastage and R&D time.



  • Use only candle approved dyes to ensure no toxins will be burnt during use
  • Use safe candle fragrance oils to ensure scent is safe for breathing in
  • Do not add plant powders, uncertified coloring powders that may be toxic or inhibit burning of flame
  • Never shut a candle with water, blow out the fire or cover flame to starve off oxygen
  • Using a good quality wick will ensure even flame, low soot and no harmful toxic residues
  • Make sure any botanical decorations are away from the wick so it will not catch fire

To reduce cost and enhance burning time, you can add this additive (Limited stocks available)


100% lilin yang semulajadi diperbuat daripada kacang soya dan berasal dari Amerika Syarikat.

  • Sesuai untuk dicampur dengan jenis lilin lain seperti Parafin, Lilin Lebah (Beeswax) atau boleh digunakan tanpa campuran lilin lain. 
  • Mesra alam dan kurang mengeluarkan asap.
  • Membakar lebih lama berbanding lilin parafin dan bau lebih tahan lama.
  • Juga boleh digunakan dalam pembuatan kosmetik seperti ubat sapu bibir, mentega badan (Body Butter) dan losyen.

Panaskan lilin pada 71 °C dan biarkan ia sejuk hingga 60 °C sebelum pewarna dan wangian ditambah. Minyak Wangian (Fragrance Oils) atau Minyak Pati (Essential Oils) boleh ditambah sehingga 12% daripada berat lilin.

* Pastikan tidak mengacau secara kuat kerana boleh menyebabkan lilin menjadi lebih kecut. Kami mengesyorkan ujian dilakukan dengan sampel kecil untuk mendapatkan bau dan lilin yang anda kehendaki.


500g, 1kg

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Natural Soy Wax