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Lemon & Lime Fragrance Oil

Lemon & Lime Fragrance Oil

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Craftiviti's Lemon & Lime Fragrance Oil is concentrated and of synthetic origins. Ideal for candles, melt and pour soaps, wax melts, wax sachets, diffusers, body scrubs and more.


  • Origin: Thailand
  • Flashpoint: 60°C
  • Scent Summary: A good picker-upper for dull days
  • Notes: Top / Citrusy (scents are subjective)
  • Size: 30ml / 500ml (For bulk orders, please email
  • Trace: This Fragrance Oil traces quickly (within 5 minutes) based on our test with a batch of cold process soap that has 70% soft oils.
  • A blend of synthetic fragrances with carrier oils and binders
  • Used solely for the scent and contains no therapeutic benefits
  • This fragrance may also work for other applications
  • Certification: IFRA Standard
  • Phthalate-free


Scent Profile:

The scented oil of Lemon & Lime is a zesty and invigorating blend. The fragrance opens with lively and tangy top notes, capturing the fresh and citrusy essence of ripe lemons and limes, and creating a vibrant and refreshing experience. Lemon & Lime imparts a clean, energizing aroma that is uplifting and revitalizing. An ideal fragrance for making perfumes to household items.

Our Lemon & Lime Fragrance oil is perfect for candle making, soap making, in scrubs and balms, as a diffuser and for all types of aromatherapy!

Lemon & Lime Fragrance Oil - 30ml Material Safety Data Sheet


How to Use

Fragrance Oil For Soap Making

In a double boiler, melt your choice of soap base before turning off the heat. Based on the total weight of melted soap, add up to 1% Fragrance Oil. *We recommend using essential oils instead for CP soap making as Fragrance Oil can increase trace in CP soap.

Fragrance Oil For Candle Making

In a double boiler, melt your choice of wax before turning off the heat. Based on the total weight of the melted wax(es), add up to 8% Fragrance Oil. *The strength of the scent will change depending on the waxes, dyes and wick used. Always do a small test batch to test candle burning results before attempting larger batches.


All of our Fragrance Oil are intended for external use only. Do NOT consume.


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