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Geometric Soap Dish Silicone Mold 44g - 8cm x 11cm

Geometric Soap Dish Silicone Mold 44g - 8cm x 11cm

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Silicone rubber mold for resin or plaster work.

Produces one chic geometric soap dish to keep soaps dry and last longer. 

Dimensions of finished product: 8cm x 11cm

Made from high quality silicone rubber. Very flexible and easy to demold.

Suitable for casting resin and plaster works


If you are making your own soaps, why not also make your own soap dish to keep your soaps on? Soap dishes are important to protect soap from water and moisture.

Natural handmade soaps do not contain fillers and hardeners that protect them from moisture. So if your soap sits in a pool of water, it will get slimmy and disintegrate. 

This Geometric Soap Dish has a classy sleek design with good drainage angles, does not pool water and dries soap well. Keeps soap longer lasting, non-slimmy and fresh. 

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