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    ***Clearance*** Triple Pressed Stearic Acid

    RM10.00 – RM18.00

    Craftiviti's Triple Pressed Stearic Acid is the highest quality and purest form of stearic acid grade.  This versatile wax is a useful additive for making candles, soaps, lotions and cosmetics.   Benefits in lotion...


    ***[CLEARANCE]***L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - 100g


    Expiry Sept 2021 Introducing Craftiviti's Vitamin C L-Ascorbic Acid powder that is used in the formulation of skincare products, lotions, serum, toner and more. This vitamin is very rich in...


    Emulsifying Wax

    RM12.00 – RM60.00

    Introducing Craftiviti's Emulsifying Wax (National Formulary) that is a non-ionic self-emulsifying wax created to emulsify or bond water and oils together. This is one of the easiest emulsifiers to use...


    Refined Glycerin USP 99.5%

    RM4.50 – RM18.00

    Cosmetic grade and vegetable based, Craftiviti's Refined Glycerin (USP 99.5%) is a viscous, colourless and odourless liquid sugar-alcohol compound. It is found in many personal care formulations like soaps, toners, lotions...


    ***CLEARANCE*** Virgin Tamanu Oil

    RM12.00 – RM39.00

    NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. Safe for skincare formulation. Ideal for massage, skincare and soap making. A popular healing oil in anti-ageing and acne products. High antibacterial and wound-healing activity. Also known...


    Virgin Moringa Oil

    RM38.00 – RM150.00

    NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. Safe for skincare formulation. Craftiviti's Virgin Moringa Oil is ideal for massage, skincare and soap making. Moringa tree is often called the Miracle Medicinal Tree while the oil cold...


    Refined Sweet Almond Oil

    RM20.00 – RM64.20

    NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. Safe for skincare formulation. Craftiviti's Refined Sweet Almond is an effective emollient and quickly absorbed into the skin. Suitable to used for normal, dry or sensitive skins. Refined Sweet Almond...


    Virgin Sea Buckthorn Oil

    RM80.00 – RM280.00

    NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. Safe for skincare formulation. Craftiviti's Virgin Sea Buckthorn Oil is rich healing oil is a great addition to soap recipes, massage oils, ointments, and healing balms. For centuries, Sea buckthorn...


    Virgin Safflower Oil

    RM28.00 – RM141.50

    NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. Safe for skincare formulation. Craftiviti Virgin Safflower Oil that is ideal for massage, home remedy for skincare and soap making. It is rich in omega-6 fatty acids (known...


    Granulated Candle Wax - 100g


    Craftiviti Granulated Candle Waxes are a super easy way to make DIY candles. Just glue a wick to any container and fill the container up with Waxbeads. All in one...


    ***[CLEARANCE]*** Glass Jar with Lid

    RM3.00 – RM29.00

    CLEARANCE STOCK - While Stocks Last! Clear glass cookie jar. Available in 4 sizes - 150ml, 400ml , 750ml and 2500ml. Comes with air-tight cover. Great for DIY candle making...


    Zinc Candle Wick - 51-32-18 - 6" Inches (USA) - 10pcs


    Zinc Core wick or wire core wick are the most commonly used wick type in many types of candles such as pillars, container, votives and gel candles. The wire core...

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